What is No-code?

It's sounds kind of exciting but what the heck does no-code actually mean? Read on to find out.

No-Code: A definition


No-code is the art of creating a unique digital solution to a problem that could have been written with code but the individual(s) have made it using visual methods without coding.

No-code lets you build many types of digital solution

Your solution can take many forms. Whether you want to build apps, websites, automations, chatbots, online games or something else, you can build it with no-code.

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No-code means you don't have to write the code

This doesn’t mean that code wasn’t used to create the thing you end up building. It just means that when you're using no-code tools, you won't need to write the code yourself.

No-code solutions are unique

If you're using SaaS tools like Hubspot they'll generally give you templated solutions to use. Whilst technically this is a no-code solution, you still didn't build something unique yourself. So no-code means you're building something unique.

Building online just got easier.

No-code refers to a collection of software and platforms that empower anyone - not just trained developers - to build powerful apps, websites and software.

Most no-code tools replace writing code with visual development, or "drag and drop". You’ll get the idea if you’ve ever used WordPress, Wix or Squarespace to build a website. Imagine that simplicity when building software and apps!

There are more no-code tools than ever, empowering creators innovative companies to build online stores, community spaces, project management dashboards, automated email segmentation, SaaS apps and more.

What will you build?

History and future of

You may be wondering where no-code has come from and it's history. But you also may be wondering what does this all mean for the future!
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1990's: Microsoft launch Word and Excel
Window's 1995 launch

Microsoft, a tool that enables anyone to manipulate data without code, releases the original version of Excel.

2000's: Wordpress launches
First version of Wordpress

WordPress launches with pre-built themes and customisation options. It now powers 35% of the world's websites.

2010's: First wave of No-code tools emerge
Bubble's visual interface

Whilst more modern website builders like Wix and Squarespace gain more popularity, the first platforms that allow anyone to build not just websites but whole applications, emerge.

Bubble launches in 2012 based on visual programming language instead of traditional code. And Webflow launches in 2013 with a codeless, 100% visual way to create powerful, flexible websites and apps.

2020's: Explosion of No-code app development tools
Rise of no-code

The no-code movement becomes a thing with an explosion of tools released across diverse usecases all to help non-techie people build their own digital solutions.

This trend was accelerated by the pandemic as many organizations and individuals adopted no-code tools to adjust to the needs of a contactless world quickly.

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2024: No-Code to account for 65% of app development
Visual collaborative no-code building

With no-code expected to be a market worth $52 billion by 2024, experts predict that the majority of app development will be from no-code tools.

At this stage we predict some pretty cool things...

  • No-code will be as common as making a Word document
  • No-code tools will be as powerful as low-code tools
  • A product built with no-code will reach mainstream status
  • The majority of development agencies will be using no-code
2030: More products launched with No-code than coding

The global no-code market is expected to produce $1.87 billion in revenue by 2030.

By then we predict some more exciting things...

  • No-code courses offered in most schools and universities
  • First product built with no-code IPO's
  • A major politician talks about the importance of no-code

The future is bright!

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