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What makes us different?

Whether you’re going through our bitesized lessons or live bootcamps, you’ll experience all the reasons why we’re different.

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Personal touch

Everyone learns in a different way. Our mix of learning products give you the option to learn live with others or self-paced solo, whatever works best for you.

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Always accessible

Tech can be intimidating, so we scrap the jargon and teach in plain English. “Explain like I’m 5” is how we roll.

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Learn by doing

Learning without an outlet is like driving without a steering wheel (or fuel). So we help you apply your learning to real world projects.

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Fun & engaging

Learning is tough, so we inject rewards, inspiration and a touch of humour into everything we do.

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Build in public

If you learn alone, who’s going to pick you up when you “don’t feel like it”? We make it easy for you to share your journey publicly and start feeling the force of social accountability.

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Habit fueled

Willpower only lasts so long. That's why all our content is designed to help you build sustainable learning habits that compound. Yep, we’ve read the tortoise and the hare.

Meet the Alumni 🎓

Meet others who have been on the journey and come out the other side with a life-changing skill! Read their stories and get inspired.

Built by the community 💪

See the diversity of real-world projects our alumni have built with no-code — and be inspired to get started!

Why learn with us?

For us it’s about helping you make the leap from “I’m a non-techie” to “I can build that” without having to write any code.


No-code can be a lifechangng skill if learnt in the right way. We’re proud to sustain high student satisfaction and are always listening for ways we can level up the experience.


We don’t just create content, we create fun, engaging and effective learning experiences that leap frog typical online course completion rates of 12.6%.


100DaysOfNoCode is the number one online education community for getting started in no-code


We’ve helped 10K+ creators, career switchers and professionals get started in no-code and can’t wait to help you take your first steps too!


From India to Peru to the US, our community is dotted around the world. Get ready to make new likeminded friends globally!


We take care to make every single one of our learning experiences beginner first, inclusive to all backgrounds and affordable.

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Learn to no-code in community.

Join our thriving community! Get confident with no-code and be inspired to start leveraging your skills in the real world.