What is 100DaysOfNoCode

We're an online campus empowering people to bring their own ideas to life with quality, acessible no-code education.

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Why we exist

We want to democratise tech, so that we’re less dependent on only 0.3% of the world’s population who can currently code.

It’s not democratic or inclusive to have so few people build the digital spaces that shape our everyday lives. It’s like saying that only 1 in 400 people are able to write.

This means that…

🏓 We don’t have enough coders, especially as “software is eating the world”

🏓 Our digital spaces don’t truly represent who's using it

🏓 Our ability to solve global problems with tech is reduced

That’s why we want to build a world where anyone can bring their own ideas to life, which we believe will…

🏓 Create more inclusive digital spaces for all of us to use

🏓 Make careers into tech more accessible

🏓 Increase digital literacy

🏓 Enable more entrepreneurship

🏓 Empower a new wave of problem solvers from different backgrounds and perspectives

And we're building this future by…

🏓 Teaching quality, accessible no-code education.

All of this is why we’re on a mission to…

Empower 1 million people to bring their own ideas to life with no-code.

Our Story

We started as a challenge on Twitter. In the midst of a UK wide lockdown, our Founder Max wanted to learn how to no-code. But he didn't know how to start and quickly lost motivation. So to keep himself accountable and give structure to his daily routine, he announced his commitment to doing at least 30 minutes of no-code learning a day for 100 days on 5th March 2020; and there #100DaysOfNoCode was born.

As each day went by, Max saw more people joining the challenge, more cool businesses being made without code and collaborations happening between fellow learners. That's when the light switched and Max began to build and grow 100DaysOfNoCode as the community and campus that we know it as today.

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