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A powerful system that makes you 1% better at no-code everyday

Follow a simple, yet powerful formula to learn and build with no-code, fast.

1. Publicly Commit

❌ Goals are just dreams if they only exist in your head. ✅ Stop dreaming and start doing, by publicly committing to 100DaysOfNoCode. ✅ Feel the power of public accountability behind you.

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2. Learn for 30 mins everyday

❌ Willpower only lasts so long ❌ Learning in fits and bursts is unsustainable ✅ Learn consistently in bitesized chunks to fit around your busy schedule ✅ Watch your daily progress compound

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3. Share your learning

❌ Learning in private optimises for consumption over creation ✅ Find your authentic online voice by learning and building in public ✅ Reinforce your learning by teaching others ✅ Create your own knowledge garden to reference anytime ✅ Build confidence in sharing your work ✅ Elevate your projects with feedback from others as you share

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