Launch your idea in 30 days without writing any code.

Learn to no-code and bring your idea to life in 30 days. Starting February 6th

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Alumni from these companies finally launched their ideas with no-code.

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Follow in the footsteps of our alumni

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Entrepreneurs, creators & doers

You'll join a hand-picked group of 50 entrepreneurs, creators and doers building impactful products with the power of no-code.


Tangible outcomes in 30 days

✅ Learnt the fundamentals of no-code ✅ Built and launched your MVP or side project ✅ Made lifelong friends & collaborators


1 min overview of this bootcamp

This learning experience isn't just another online course - it's social, fun and effective. At the end of the 4 week program, you will have learnt the fundamentals of no-code, tested ideas and built your MVP or side project all whilst meeting a rockstar crew of like-minded creators and experts who will support you every step of the way.

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Finally execute on your ideas by learning to no-code the right way.

An all-inclusive, interactive and in-depth learning journey that will help you build your MVP or side project with no-code.

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The most immersive and effective way to learn

Join our fun and engaged learning community to equip yourself with the skills and peer support to bring your ideas to life.


Practice your knowledge by building real world projects alongside experts.


Go from beginner to advanced with any tool using our carefully curated 101 guides.


Take our mini-challenges to apply your learning and level up your no-code skills.


Top up your skills by accessing 15+ hours worth of on-demand no-code content.

1-1 Coaching

Get world class advice from our no-code experts specific to your idea.


Problem solve, connect and get feedback from your weekly peer group.


Get inspired by creators leveraging no-code at our intimate firesides.


Compare notes with and stay accountable to buddies over 1-1 chats.


De-bottleneck with the help of our experts to maintain momentum.

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Content crafted by no-code experts

Founder of 100DaysOfNoCode; one of the largest no-code communities in Europe helping 1000's of non-tech founders bring their ideas to life. Max started his no-code journey in March 2020 as a complete non-techie and has since been able to create 10+ no-code products. It's now his personal mission to help as many creators, do the same.

Max Haining

Practitioners in residence

We've assembled a cast of world class no-code practitioners and venture builders that will be on hand to help you learn to no-code, validate ideas and launch your MVP.

Dan Parry
User Research | MVP's | No-Code

Michael Novotny
No-Code Tools | Idea Validation

Product | Design | No-Code

Kelly Bewers
Innovation | Design Thinking

Marc Fletcher
API's | Automation | Builder

Doc Williams
No-Code | Education | Entrepreneur

No-Code | Ideation

Frances Odera Matthews
Notion Expert & Consultant

Corey Haines
Community builder | Distribution Expert

Jason Martin
Zapier & Airtable Expert | Automation

Prabhjot Singh
API's & Automation | Serial Venture Builder

Romy Misra
Product Management | No-Code


A typical week of learning at 100DaysOfNoCode

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We've designed a unique blend of synchronous and asynchonous learning, so you can make the most of this program around your busy schedule.

Most live sessions will be held around 5pm GMT (1pm EST | 9am PT) but these timings are flexible. Each week plan 2-5 hours for learning content, 3-5 hours of practice, 2 hours for peer learning and 2-3 hours of optional learning.

📝 Monday: Research

To give you context on a no-code tool or concept we're teaching, we will share a curated 101 guide to get you up to speed.

👩‍🏫 Tuesday: Deep Dive

On Tuesday's we will run a live session where you'll be building your first project with a specific tool or concept.

🛠️ Wednesday: Build

We will set you an assignment to apply your learning further and build your confidence.

📢 Thursday: Share

It's time to share what you've been building and get feedback from your peers as part of intimate, supportive peer groups.

🔁 Friday: Feedback

On Friday, we'll close out the week with an office hours to help you de-bottleneck with any questions you have.


Proven track record of learning excellence

This is what people think of 100DaysOfNoCode and Max

Equip yourself with the no-code skillset to bring your product ideas to life

Join our exclusive community of entrepreneurs, creators & doers to stop lurking on the sidelines and start finally bringing your ideas to life.


Starts 6th February


23rd January


£499 (41% OFF)

Let's recap! What's included?

✅ 10 X live workshops

✅ 5 X no-code tool guides & cheatsheets

✅ Lifetime access to our content library

✅ 1-1 coaching

✅ 3 months of access to the 100DaysOfNoCode Pro Community

✅ 6K worth of No-Code tool discounts

We offer a 100% money back guarantee, if the bootcamp doesn't meet your needs.

What you'll learn to build

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Frequently Asked Questions

No-code is a set of tools that allow you to create websites, apps and software all without writing a single line of code.

Yes! Everyone has to start somewhere, so we welcome all skill levels into the community, whether you haven't touched a no-code tool or you're a no-code freelancer. This cohort is specifically for those who are either beginners looking to get started or creators/entrepreneurs needing the peer support + accountability to launch their ideas/MVP's.

When you click on the button Apply now, you will be redirected to our online form to fill in your application and book an interview. Once we have had a 15 minute interview with you to assess whether you're a good fit, we will let you know the decision over the next 3-5 days.

Yes! Our learning program is designed for busy people. This is why we've designed a flexible program that can easily fit your busy schedule. Ideally, we'd expect you to commit an average of 10-15 hours per week.

You will interact with other participants in multiple ways. This may happen on Slack, DMs, group challenges, video calls and much more. In fact, on top of joining live lectures & fireside chats together, you'll be matched with buddies who will help you problem-solve as well. You'll also meet other participants during socials and 1-to-1 "speed-dating" sessions.

Yes, we have designed a format that is compatible with working full-time. Most live sessions will be held around 5pm BST (12pm EST | 9am PT) and are recorded so you have the flexibility to choose whether you want to attend these or not. Each week, plan 3-5 hours for learning content, 3-5 hours for practice, 2 hours for group sessions and 2-3 hours for extra optional learning activities (summing to 10-15 hours on average)

No need to worry! All sessions will be recorded and made available online so that you can access them later. You can also contact your instructor and fellow cohort members asynchronously.

Yes!! We have a money back guarantee so that if the bootcamp doesn't quite meet your needs, we will refund you no questions asked.

Absolutely! For each participant you refer, you get a €100 reduction on your admission fee. Just tell your friends to reply with your full name at the question 'where have you heard about 100DaysOfNoCode?' (in the online form) and we'll make sure to reward you. 😍

Think of the bootcamp as a 30 day version of the 100daysofnocode challenge. But instead of learning only 30 days worth of content, you’re learning the equivalent of 100 days but in 30 days. So the bootcamp is really an accelerator and we’re able to do this because we provide a far more high touch, immersive experience through the bootcamp.

The bootcamp is a jumpstart to your no-code learning and the place to start, whilst the community has been designed to help you develop your skills further after the bootcamp as you become more experienced with no-code. This is the difference on a high level. The bootcamp is also a more immersive, high touch experience where we will provide personalised 1-1 coaching, and more accountability to get you over the line.