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Harness the power of no-code by partnering today

Empower your organisation and community to build digital solutions without writing any code.

Be The First

No-code technologies are just beginning their ascent. Be the first to embrace these tools.

Grow Your Business

Automate key processes, accelerate MVP development, and acquire new users.

Delight your community

Offer high-quality, digestible trainings and toolkits to members of your community.

What exactly is no-code?

No-code refers to a collection of software and platforms that empower anyone - not just trained developers - to build powerful apps for your organisation.

Most no-code tools replace writing code with visual development, or "drag and drop". You’ll get the idea if you’ve ever used WordPress, Wix or Squarespace to build a website. Imagine that simplicity when building software and apps!

There are more no-code tools than ever, empowering innovative companies to build online stores, community spaces, project management dashboards, automated email segmentation, and more.

What will you build?

No-code tools are being adopted by renowned brands

Join the 100DaysOfNoCode Partnership Community

We deliver quality educational resources to organisations of all backgrounds.

Incubators & Accelerators

Provide tangible trainings and discounts to support members.

Startups & Small Businesses

Streamline your operations, strengthen branding, and quickly ship MVPs.

Non-Profits & Social Enterprises

Simplify your work, so you can focus on delivering impact.

Co-Working Spaces

Expand your offerings to recruit more member organizations.


Offer innovative educational opportunities to students.

Creators & Influencers

Grow your community and deliver more content and products.

Partnership Benefits

Gain access to a growing list of resources to help you and your network harness the power of no-code.

Courses & Curriculums

Access free and discounted courses, such as: - "Intro to No-Code" - "Build Your Custom App in 30 Days" - "100DaysOfNoCode Challenge" (our flagship)

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Dedicated Bootcamps

Join immersive no-code bootcamps with: - personalized 1-1 coaching - live interactive build sessions - peer groups - discounts and resource codes - added layers of accountability.

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No-Code Experts

Engage no-code experts for high-quality training and support: - Small group "Intro to No-Code" workshops - Private-access office hours - Contracted work from a pre-vetted directory

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Discount Codes

Save money transitioning to no-code with partnership discount codes: - Website and app builders - Newsletters - Databases - Operational Tools ....and more!

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Content & Promotion

Let our growing community highlight your work and boost your brand: - Blog posts - Case studies - Social media campaigns - Badges and certifications

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Your Guide to a Successful Partnership

Once you're in, you're part of a growing network of organizations harnessing the power of no-code technologies. You'll receive high-quality resources and access to no-code experts to help you improve your organization and your community.

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Determine Your Needs

A member of our partnership team will meet with you and review which of our resources will be most beneficial to your organization and community.

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Access Your New Resources

Our team will deliver a package of tailored resources and educational materials that you can distribute throughout your community.

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Celebrate your Success

Our team will develop cross-promotional material and award badges/certifications to highlight your no-code education and amplify your work.

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Continue the Journey

We understand education is ongoing. Our team is constantly analyzing new advancements in no-code to update our suite of educational materials. All for partners like you!

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