Bring your idea to life in 48 hours with no-code.

Go from idea to launch with no-code, plenty of coffee and an army of fellow creators behind you all in one weekend. It's free. Join us. 13th-15th Jan.


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This all sounds great but "I have questions". We got you covered...

With some positive time restraint ⏰, a lot of coffee ☕️ and an army of fellow creators/entrepreneurs behind you 😍, the #100DaysOfNoCode Build Weekend is an opportunity for you to bring to life THAT idea you’ve always wanted to build in the space of 48 hours.

Absolutely! This event is async, so you can join in from any timezone, plus there are no live events you need to take part in. However, there will be a pop-up Slack channel for all participants to support eachother in. We’ve also created a series of resources to help guide you through each day.

The Build Weekend will officially begin on 15th July (Friday) at 5pm (in your timezone) and you’ll have until Sunday 5pm your time to build your project.

All submitted projects will be featured in the next #100DaysOfNoCode newsletter that will go out to 6K+ folks and added to our website. We’ll also be writing up a Twitter thread from our official account to celebrate what everyone has built! Also, the best project submission will get a lifetime membership to the 100DaysOfNoCode Community.

Anything, seriously! There are no rules here apart from building *something*, ideally a digital product of some form, in 48 hours. Ideas can be as simple as creating an e-product to building a SaaS product. Or something completely different!

Sure thing! If you and a fellow participant want to collab, go for it - or if you want to join the Build Weekend as a team, that’s also great!

No sweat. We have plenty of ideas and inspiration for you in the guides and checklists that we have put together for you.

To have fun, honestly. But more than that, it’s about applying your no-code skills, building your shipping muscle, getting comfortable sharing work in public and of course being able to express your creativity. We’ve created this “pressure cooker” format, so that you can’t say “I’ll do that another time” or “but there’s no one to help me” because everyone will be in the same boat. It’s your chance to stop scrolling, and start building.

💯 Idea to launch in 48 hours — you in?


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