The No-Code x AI Bootcamp

Bring your idea to life in 25 days.

An immersive, hands-on, personalised learning experience for creators and operators who want to master the power of no-code and AI to build their MVP or side project.

Starts May 6th 2024

Is the Bootcamp right for you?

It's easy to consume but tough to create. That's why on average only 1% of people build their own ideas. This bootcamp helps anyone take that leap. But first, answer the below questions to see if this is right for you.
Ready to finally start something?
Do you have lots of ideas, but haven’t made the leap to bringing them to life yet?

Want to actually launch your ideas?

Are you fed up of lurking on Twitter and seeing others launch their ideas but struggle to put yourself out there?

Want to know how to build with no-code?

Have you tried learning to no-code but kept getting stuck and wasting time figuring out the best way forward?

If these sound familiar, our bootcamp was built for you.

It's an immersive, hands-on, personalised learning experience that will help you master the power of no-code and bring your idea to life.
  • Learn the fundamentals of no-code: Navigate the world of no-code, one of the fastest-growing ecosystems in tech and conquer tricky concepts like API’s, databases and design whilst learning the most versatile stack of no-code tools which you can use to build 90% of your ideas.
  • Go from idea to launch in 30 days: With 1-1 coaching, interactive workshops and a supportive community, develop a lean mindset and the technical knowhow to rapidly test + launch ideas.
  • Experience the power of community: Get the support you need to launch your project, hone your skills and build in public through our positive-sum community.

Who it's for

This is a beginner first learning experience perfect for...

Take the leap from ideas person to builder.

Whether you want to build a side project or a full blown venture, this bootcamp is a perfect space to test, build and iterate on your ideas with likeminded entrepreneurs and makers.

Career Switchers

Take your first step to becoming a no-code freelancer.

Whether you're looking transition into no-code freelancing or agency building eventually, this bootcamp will equip you with the skills, portfolio and confidence to land your first gig.


Take your time back and start focusing on deep work.

Whether you want to transform your team's productivity, streamline some manual work or build custom apps, this bootcamp will give you the no-code and AI skills to make work easier.

What you'll get

Our bootcamp will equip you with the skills and peer support to bring your ideas to life in the most impactful way.

Build sessions

Practice your knowledge by building real world projects alongside experts.

1-1 coaching

Get world class advice from our no-code experts specific to your ideas and questions.

Tool guides

Go from beginner to advanced with any tool using our carefully curated 101 guides.

Office hours

Get unstuck and think along with our world class no-code experts to accelerate your learning.

Peer groups

Problem solve, connect and get feedback from your weekly peer group.

Content library

Top up your skills by accessing 15+ hours worth of engaging no-code content.

What you'll learn

Finally execute on your ideas by learning to no-code the right way with our immersive and interactive learning journey.

Course schedule

We've designed a unique blend of live and on-demand learning, so you can make the most of this program around your busy schedule.

Most live sessions will be held around 5pm GMT (1pm EST | 9am PT) but these timings are flexible. Each week plan 2-5 hours for learning content, 3-5 hours of practice, 2 hours for peer learning and 2-3 hours of optional learning.

No-Code tools we teach

With over 500+ no-code tools, it's tricky to know which ones to get started with. We take away the decision paralysis and teach you the most versatile stack of tools so that you can build 90% of your ideas in the leanest, most impactful way.

By the end of the bootcamp, you'll be able to build internal tools, mobile apps, automations and web apps. All without writing any code!

How it's taught

Explaining how we've designed the curriculum

Learning to no-code x AI and building your idea in 30 days is no mean feat. That's why we've designed this learning experience as if you were climbing Everest, to help make your ascent as smooth as possible.

Week 0-2: Basecamp 🏔

Just like you can't climb Everest without the right acclimatisation, equipment and expertise, you can't build and launch a product without understanding how or what to build.

That's why we spend the first two weeks at Basecamp to teach you not only the most versatile stack of tools you can use to build 90% of your ideas but also cross-cutting concepts like database design. This will give you rock solid foundations to begin building your own ideas.

Week 3-4: Summit 🚀

Once you have understood the fundamentals of no-code and AI, it's now time for you to begin the ascent. This involves switching gears to focus purely on bringing your own idea to life and turning your no-code and AI skills into tangible projects. Our experts and your peers will be on hand to get you unstuck and to the summit.

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."


Meet the teachers

We've assembled a cast of world class no-code practitioners that will be on hand to help you learn to no-code and AI, and launch your ideas.

Creator in Residence
Ravish is a software developer at Microsoft and teaches database design along with mobile app building to no-coders.
Creator in Residence
Prabhjot is building his own no-code automation tool and teaches API's and database design.
Creator in Residence
Doc is a Youtube creator and joined the community in 2020. He now teaches other how to leverage no-code to build businesses.
Creator in Residence
Malvika joined our bootcamp this year and now teaches folks how to build mobile apps with Adalo
Creator in Residence
Dominic is a serial no-code maker and social entrepreneur who teaches others how to build chrome extensions without code.
Creator in Residence
Annika is writer and builder who teaches AI and data scraping with no-code.
Creator in Residence
Lee is a serial venture builder and expert Bubble teacher.
Creator in Residence
Katt, also know as "head of tools", is a Softr expert and overall tool guru teaching others how to build chatbots and web apps.
Creator in Residence
Lachlan jumped into no-code early 2020 and now teaches Bubble full time
Creator in Residence
Ruchika is a no-code solutions architect and specialises in databases and Airtable
Creator in Residence
Mark teaches no-coders the fundamentals of design and shares tips & tricks on using Airtable, Webflow, Carrd and Notion
Creator in Residence
Colleen joined the community in 2021 and now helps learn Notion, Tally and Webflow
Creator in Residence
Dan started his no-code journey in 2020 and now teaches customer discovery and Bubble
Creator in Residence
Marc joined the community in 2020 and now teaches folks how to leverage the power of API's
Creator in Residence
Tolga started the 100DaysOfNoCode challenge this year and now creates learning paths on automation.

Meet the Alumni

Follow in the footsteps of our inspiring alumni!


See what you could build on our next bootcamp!


Unlike other courses who tuck away their prices, we are totally transparent with our online Bootcamp pricing and take pride in being accessible and affordable.

Starts January 15th 2024
10 X Live Interactive Workshops
Lifetime Content Library Access
£6K No-Code Tool Discounts
No-Code x AI Project Portfolio
3 Months Free Pro Community Membership
We offer a 100% money back guarantee if the bootcamp doesn't meet your needs.


Let us know if you have any other questions!

"The no-code revolution is unlocking the potential of millions of people who have ideas but don't have the technical skills to turn them into reality"

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