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Learn to no-code with a community behind you.

Your no-code learning companion that will keep you accountable, supported and inspired every step of the journey.

Learning alone sucks.

Our founder Max spent his first 2 months learning to no-code alone and failed. The thing that made the biggest difference to his no-code journey from then on was community. He wish he knew that getting started.

Want to learn to no-code with support around you?

Have you tried to learn to no-code on your own, but got stuck?

Want to change your life with no-code skills?

Do you want to go all in on no-code to change your life, but aren’t sure how to turn your skills in exciting opportunities?

Want to learn and connect with others?

Are you looking to level up your skills by connecting with likeminded no-coders, but aren’t sure where to find them?

Learn together with 500+ no-code learners

From our community of learners to our live workshops and extra bitesized content, set yourself up to fully leverage the power of no-code.

Slack Community

Get your questions answered, find off the beaten track resources and make friends with our global community of creators, freelancers and innovators.

Live Community Events

Whether you want to jump into our interactive no-code workshops or launch your project at one of our demo days, our live events will level up your skills.

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Creator in Residence Program

Our Creator in Residence pathway is for experienced members of the community who want to educate others and start turning their no-code skills into new income streams.

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Every Sunday we'll give you the low down on what's hot in no-code, plus a handpicked list of exclusive no-code opportunities you can take advantage of.

Pro Learning Paths

If you're looking to dive deeper in a specific tool or usecase, you can jump into our exclusive 3-5 day pro learning paths.

Bonus bitesized lessons

If you're looking to quickly sharpen your no-code skills in a particular tool or usecase, you can access our library of bonus bitesized lessons.

This community is for you if you're serious about...

Building side projects or ventures with no-code skills

We don’t have enough coders, especially as “software is eating the world”

Turning your no-code skills into new streams of income
Applying your no-code skills at work

How it works

After helping 1000's of beginners learn to no-code, we know what works and what doesn't. We channelled all those learnings into this pathway.

Step 1
No-Code lift off

This stage is all about building your confidence and learning the fundamentals of no-code.

✅  First aha moment with no-code
✅  Navigate around the space
✅  Build your first mini projects
✅  Grow your confidence
✅  Get a feel for multiple tools
Step 2
To the moon!

This stage is all about creation and turning your no-code skills into lifechanging outcomes.

✅  Teach others to no-code
✅  Become an no-code freelancer
✅  Build your own projects.
✅  Launch your own projects
✅  Land a no-code job

1. No-Code Lift off

Learn and connect 📚

As you get to grips with no-code, structure and consistency are so important. That's why this community is set up to help you show up everyday and make meaningful progress.

2. To the Moon

Grow and educate ⚡️

Whether you want to start a business, become a full time creator or build a career as a no-code expert, this second phase of the community will help you reach your longer term goals with no-code.

Ready to bring your
ideas to life?

Join our thriving community! Get confident with no-code and be inspired to start leveraging your skills in the real world.

Meet the Community ❤️

Meet others who have been on the journey and come out the other side with a life-changing skill! Read their stories and get inspired.

Built by the community 💪

See the diversity of real-world projects our alumni have built with no-code — and be inspired to get started!

Join the community today!

Think of it like your smart, caring friend who will keep you accountable, get you unstuck and connect you with awesome people as you go through your no-code learning journey.

Free Challenge
Start Challenge October 1st
Daily bitesized lessons
Pro Challenge ⭐️
Start the Challenge now
Exclusive Slack community
Live no-code workshops
Bonus bitesized lessons & learning paths
Become a Creator in Residence
Free Challenge
Start Challenge October 1st
Daily bitesized lessons
Pro Challenge ⭐️
Start the Challenge now
Exclusive Slack community
Live no-code workshops
Bonus bitesized lessons & learning paths
Become a Creator in Residence


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