Top Five No Code App Builders

Max Haining
March 1, 2023

Best No Code App Builder: Top Five No Code App Builders to Bring Your App Ideas to Life in 2023

The emergence of no-code app builders has brought smiles to many faces. Without the need to code, non tech-savvy users can build an appealing website within a relatively quick time!.

Software and app development is more accessible since the boundaries, challenges, knowledge, and patience required for coding and scripting aren’t required. Many no-code app builders allow you to build your app similarly to how you might design a flowchart –using drag and drop. 

Although they're easy to use, there is a slight learning curve, especially if you aren’t in the know about no-code development.  Fortunately, at 100DaysOfNoCode, our boot camps and quick start guides teach you the basics of building a no-code app. You can get started quickly using the app builder of your choice.

And if you haven't decided on a builder yet, no worries because we've hand-picked five of the best to help you decide which tool is suitable for the app you want to create.

What is a No-Code App Builder?

No-code app builders allow anyone with little to no programming experience to quickly build simple modern apps and websites. Apps are usually made by dragging and dropping reusable snippets of pre-packaged code into position. The builder then works its magic in the background to ensure the app works as designed.

No-code app builders can be used to create various software and apps, from interactive landing pages to marketplaces, to a no-code SaaS. However, they are better suited for projects that don’t need complex capabilities, like feature-rich software.

Examples of no-code app

The following web apps were built using no-code development, and they show how diverse the results can be without compromising quality or functionality.


Goodgigs is a "social impact" job board specializing in opportunities for roles that directly or indirectly impact people or the environment. Goodgigs web app is built using the popular no-code developer tool, Bubble.

Triviaroo is a trivia quiz provider designed to liven up any social event. This online, no-code-built version makes creating and hosting a trivia night more manageable and fun. Once a trivia pack is selected and downloaded, the entertainment begins!

My Story Club

My Story Club app helps encourage and support the next generation of writers to improve their writing skills by allowing them to publish approved stories online. Children can read each other's stories and blog posts, get help writing their own and return to unfinished pieces.

Low-code vs. no-code development platforms: What are the differences?

Low-code and no-code might follow similar principles, but there are some pretty stark differences between them. Let’s explore below: 

Low-code development:

  • requires some level of coding, but much less than traditional app development
  • is used by programmers to speed up the process, and IT professionals with some programming knowledge
  • is typically used for apps managing simple functions or, in business, to run critical processes and core systems

No-code development:

  • requires very little programming skills
  • tools are built for everyone, including non-tech users
  • is typically used to develop apps that manage simple functions

Benefits of No-Code App Builders

Build Apps Even if You're Not a Tech-Genius

Programming code used to present a barrier for creatives with great app ideas and no coding experience. No-code app builders allow non-tech peeps to develop their apps without needing to learn software development or pay for a developer.

No-code app tools are straightforward. However, building your first project may feel daunting if you're unsure where to start. Online campuses like 100DaysOfNoCode deliver all the material you need to learn about no-code development, giving you the knowledge to launch your app in no time!.

Faster Time to Launch

No-code app builders can cut development time in half. In most cases, apps can be launched within a few months. In addition, many no-code solutions let you create apps compatible with iOS and Android.  So more time is saved as you don't need to develop different versions.

Faster Innovation

And the knock-on effect of faster launch times is more ideas are brought to life. App builders inject fun and ease into software development through an intuitive and straightforward UI. Anyone can develop an app exactly how they envision it, see it gradually come to life, and make necessary tweaks as the app develops.

5 Best No Code App Builders To Make Apps 

1. Bubble: The best way to build apps without code

Bubble is a popular no-code software development tool. It offers several templates to help start you off and the option to start from a blank page. It’s extremely customizable, as you’re able to edit different elements of the UI design, including maps, images, customer testimonials, and more. 

Plus, Bubble handles many of the core infrastructural elements of your website, including hosting and deployment. Perfect for those who want a good, all-in-one platform.



  • It handles the delivery to users (deployment) and hosting
  • Option to roll back your app design to a desired point in time
  • Up to 40 collaborators can work on a project together in real-time


  • The process of converting apps to iOS or Android can be complex and time-consuming

2. Appy Pie: Fast and user-friendly mobile app builder

With AppyPie, you can develop native apps for iOS and Android and publish them on the Apple and Google Play stores. Many top brands use AppyPie, including Nike and Loreal, to build their apps, websites, and chatbots. It automates workflows to help launch your apps "ten times faster" than competitors and costs at least "1/10th of the industry standard."



  • Offers 24/7 email, chat, and call support and is known for great customer service
  • Uses AWS cloud security
  • Has built-in app testing and publishing
  • Option to build apps using text or speech input


  • iOS and Android support only available with higher-priced plans

Botsify - Fully automated chatbot platform to build AI-chatbots

If you want to develop a chatbot for use on your website, then Botsify could be your perfect tool. It offers convenient, customizable templates to make chatbot creation quick and easy. With a chatbot, you can automate a large portion of your sales pipeline, customer support, and marketing. Plus, it integrates with Facebook Chat and Instagram so you can gather leads across all of your socials. 



  • Walks you through the creation process as per your experience level
  • Option to create a chatbot in any language
  • 100+ chatbot integrations
  • Conversational forms to help create natural conversation between chatbot and user


  • Slightly higher learning-curve than most other chatbot software
  • Translating into other languages can be difficult

4. Softr - Build website, web app & portals on Airtable without code

Softr supports a broad range of app development projects such as two-sided marketplaces, courses, resources directories, and more. Softr stands out from other no-code tools because you can use data and workflows from Airtable as elements in your app. 

If you’re a subscription or membership based SaaS or online storefront, Softr could be a good choice for you! You can create member-only content on private, a professional client portal, and more. Plus, you can easily connect your Stripe account to make payments easy.



  • Real-time data sync with Airtable
  • Extensive range of app integrations
  • Prompt and friendly customer support


  • Limited customization options
  • Includes a slight learning curve

5. AppSheet - Build apps with no code

AppSheet is Google's version of a no-code app builder. You can develop apps and workflows with Google Workspace integration. And connect to data sources like Google Sheets, Office 365, and Salesforce; or cloud services like Dropbox for a robust internal web and mobile app.



  • Suitable for creating mobile apps for business and team productivity
  • Advanced editing options for deeper customization
  • Seamless integration with other Google apps


  • UI editor interface could be easier to use
  • Limited tools to customize UX

Learn No-Code Faster with 100daysofnocode

No-code app builders remove traditional barriers to building tech so that apps can be built quickly and by more people. They are super easy to use; however, if you're new to no-code development, an intro to no-code will help you understand what it is and the components involved in app development.

At 100DaysOfNoCode, we believe in empowering and enabling more problem solvers and entrepreneurs through accessible no-code education. We offer high-quality guides, live boot camps, bite-sized lessons, and more. If you're keen to start but feel a little overwhelmed, head over to 100daysofnocode to get started using one of our epic courses.

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