100DaysOfNoCode announces Triggre Education Partnership

Max Haining
February 7, 2023

We’re super excited to announce that Triggre is our newest no-code Education Partner! We'll be creating courses to help people build business applications, critical internal software and more without code using the power of Triggre!

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What is Triggre?

If you're tired of manual processes, outdated software, and high maintenance costs, you're in luck!

With Triggre, you can build, deploy, and scale your own business applications without any programming or technical knowledge. The visual drag-and-drop application builder makes it easy for you to create powerful business applications from scratch or with the help of the built-in wizards. Plus, the library of free customizable templates based on real-world cases is a game-changer!

Three examples of what you can build in Triggre

From customer portals or completely automated processes to warehouse management and logistic routing, Triggre lets you build business critical software! Here are three examples of what you can build in Triggre.

Customer Portals

Give your B2B customers access to a portal that manages contracts, orders, invoices and deliveries. You can use a customer portal for tailored communication in an efficient way. Get started by using this template.

Event Management & Organising

Events have the potential to be quite the logistical nightmare. Triggre lets you build an application to organise meetings, events, courses, workshops and other events. You can build your business application in Triggre to see what event capacity you have left, what bookings are confirmed and more. Get started by using this template.

Onboarding & offboarding workflow

You may have hired great talent but you also want to make sure they can hit the ground running. With Triggre you can create extensive onboarding and offboarding workflows to support a smooth process across countries, business units, locations and departments. Get started by using this template.

You can get a taste of all the other applications you can build on Triggre by browsing their template gallery here.

Next steps

At 100DaysOfNoCode, we’re committed to empowering creators, career switchers and professionals to bring their ideas to life with quality, accessible no-code education. As an educational partner, we will be creating engaging, interactive no-code courses to help more people leverage the power of Triggre!

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