Dan's 100DaysOfNoCode journey 🚀


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In this blog post, Dan Gusz talks us through how he went want from zero to launch in 100 days...

Why did you start 100DaysOfNoCode? 

We are a brother/sister, non-technical co-founding team with previous experience in education, consulting, and startups. We spent the first few months of our company, which is building the GPS for your career, focused on spending time with our end users vs. building a product. Leveraging those learnings, we decided this August to start building our online dashboard. Think homepage for your career

We wanted to put our heads down and focus on building our product, and we started by experimenting with a few no-code tools. As we started building our core app in Adalo we realised we wanted a forcing mechanism to push us towards deadlines. Enter 100DaysOfNoCode. This was the perfect system to keep us accountable, become part of the no-code community, and help nudge us toward our goals.

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What did you learn through the 100 days? 

It will be 104 days from when we joined 100DaysOfNoCode to launching on Product Hunt. We fundamentally believe that no-code tools are democratizing creativity. This is happening in two key areas:

  • Cost: previously, it would likely cost at least $25,000 to build any sort of working prototype. You can now build a fully working prototype FOR FREE, and have a fully functional product for ~$100 / month. This opens up building to so many more people, from so many more backgrounds, which is an amazing catalyst for building and new products!
  • Technical expertise: previously, without any technical expertise on your team, it was nearly a non-starter to build a product or even upkeep a product. Those days are gone: anyone with any level of technical or non-technical background can build software products. No-code tools have opened up opportunities for so many more people, which is a very powerful change.

We also learned that no-code is about speed, speed, speed. If you have a solid plan, you can have a MVP in a matter of a couple weeks. Be thoughtful about what you want to build, build quickly with a narrow focus to start, and optimise for feedback early and often.

What impact has 100DaysOfNoCode had on you? 

100DaysOfNoCode has been a great forcing mechanism for us to get started building within a set timeline. For no-code tools, 100 days is plenty of time to pick a set of tools, get comfortable with those tools, and ship an initial product. The program also helped connect us with so many other builders, giving us confidence that others are doing this and we can as well. Through the program we learned about many new tools that would help us build our product. After a 100 days, we learnt how to use Adalo, Parabola, Zapier, Stripe and Squarespace.  

What were your key lessons and takeaways from doing 100 days that others may find useful? 

Our #1 lesson learned is: GET STARTED TODAY! The barriers to entry for no-code tools are nearly non-existent. Most have freemium options to get started and most have little or no technical knowledge prerequisites. That means that nearly anyone with an internet connection and 30 minutes of spare time a day can get started building. Want to build a recipe app? OK, well start by building a simple page for one recipe today. GET STARTED. You can iterate from there. No-code truly democratizes creativity and we hope that so many others are able to take advantage of these tools just like us.

One other lesson we want to mention is that we have learned to greatly appreciate any and all feedback that we have received from our initial users. This feedback is invaluable, and many people have gone above and beyond to give us feedback. We are greatly appreciative to all of you - thank you!

That's a wrap! Thanks for reading 👋

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