Tech for Good Program


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We're big believers in project based learning and social impact. This is why we have set up a tech for good program to connect those in the 100DaysOfNoCode community with real world projects given to them by social impact organisations such as charities and social enterprises. Our learners have already automated processes for charities and built websites for social enterprises. We can't wait to further this impact by leveraging the power of no-code and the skillset of our community. 

How it works

1. Social impact organisations apply for tech support. This could be consultancy, training or actual building of projects.

2. Members of our community register their interest in projects.

3. Once matched and expectations set, community members will begin to apply their learning to these projects.

Get involved

Do you want to learn how to no-code whilst doing good? Become a no-code change-maker by registering your interest here.

Or are you a charity or social enterprise that needs some tech support? Register for help here.

Impact so far

We're proud to have already helped 5 social impact organisations through this Tech for Good Program and can't wait to help more.


functional MVP prototypes formed


hours of project based learning faciilitated


efficiency saving automations developed

What People Say

"I think this is a fantastic way to help out good cause organizations as well as develop no-code skills to make a project. Perfect opportunity to provide value to both sides. "

Michael Novotny
No-code maker

"This program is a great way for social impact organisations to get the help they need to digitise their service offering."

Siobhan Mercer
Digital charity specialist

"This Tech for Good program has really helped us understand the power of no-code and how we can leverage it to modernise and become more efficient in the future."

Gordon Knott
Charity Director