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Free, fun and effective 30 minute bitesized lessons delivered daily to 10X your teams output with no-code skills. Starts November 6th.


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Teams from these companies leverage no-code everyday from our courses.

90% of no-code users think their company has been able to grow faster due to its no-code usage.

Manage and grow your startup by empowering your team with critical skills to...

Rapidly Test Ideas

Build prototypes and MVP's in lightening speed to test your ideas and iterate towards product-market fit faster.

Build Custom Internal Tools

Build custom apps to manage and streamline your operations that actually fit your team needs.

Launch powerful lead magnets

Create memorable, interactive and value adding lead magnets to grow your userbase.

And feel the force of a team who can build...without writing any code...


10X the output of your team with the skills they can leverage to automate manual tasks and focus on meaningful work.


Reduce development costs by empowering non-technical members of your team with the power to build digital solutions on thier own.

More Agile

Build a more well rounded, agile team with less dependency and more flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of your business.

With tools that give your team the flexibility of spreadsheets and the power of software.

In 30 days your team will learn Softr; the most versatile no-code tool and be ready to build custom apps like client portals, employee directories and internal tools for your business.

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Drive the same results that no-code empowered teams like these are already having...

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Who's this for

Perfect for companies, startup teams or operators in startups who want to begin leveraging Softr & no-code in their company. This is also a great pathway for anyone that wants to become a Softr power user.

You're a Startup

If you're a founder who wants to empower your team with time and money saving skills, this is for you.

You work at a Startup

If you work at a startup and want to be less dependent on other teams to bring your ideas to life and reclaim your time for meaningful work, this is for you.

You want to Learn Softr

If you're learning to no-code and want to feel the full power of Softr to build your own projects or become a freelancers, this is for you.

What does a bitesized lesson look like?

Every day, each member of your team will receive a mini learning exercise to level up their no-code skills will Softr, all in just 30 mins. They'll build projects like CRM's, project trackers, client portals, content calendars, visual dashboards, employee directories, company wikis and more!

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Start leveraging no-code at your company — it's free.


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