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100DaysOfNoCode is a leading no-code community that'll put your brand in front of our rapidly growing, highly engaged audience.

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What is 100DaysOfNoCode

We are a habit fueled online learning community that helps people bring their ideas to life with the power of no-code.

Our mission

To provide the most accessible and transformational no-code education that unleashes the first generation of citizen developers and brings the power of no-code to the masses.

Who we serve

πŸ“ No-code beginners

πŸ“ Entrepreneurs

πŸ“ Creators

πŸ“ Startup operators

πŸ“ No-code enthusiasts

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How you benefit

Partnering with 100DaysOfNoCode is a great way to connect with the no-code community in a natural and organic way, allowing you to speak directly with the users who are most engaged in the no-code movement.

Brand discovery & awareness

Create and share content with the 100DaysOfNocode community and help them go from zero to one in your tool, so you're continuously training the next batch of evangelists + power users for your product.

Content &Β Audience Engagement

Create and share content with the 100DaysOfNocode community and help them go from zero to one in your tool, so you're continuously training the next batch of evangelists + power users for your product.

Community Support

Hang out where your users and potential customers are as part of the 100DaysOfNoCode community to understand their challenges, build trust and get feedback to improve your product.

We serve your potential users at the start of their no-code journey

100DaysOfNoCode is where people start their no-code journey. This is when they are unsure as to what tools to learn and build with, so we're positioned at a critical point and can make sure that your tool is seen and recommended (if/when appropriate) at this stage.

Our awesome features

We help you leverage our viral growth engine

Once we've helped beginner's select the tools they want to learn + build with, we give them a formula to accelerate their learning. This requires that they share what they're learning everyday for 100 days using the #100DaysOfNoCode hashtag, which generates 70K+ views on Twitter, daily. The learner mentions the tool(s) they're using + shows what they've built with it. In turn, this can act as an organic driver of brand awareness + consistent source of user generated content for your product.

What you get

Website profile

Have your own profile on our website with your name, description, key features, usecases, real-world projects, discount codes and the best learning resources.

Co-created content

Our community learn in mini sprints, so we'll co-create a learning pack that'll take them from research to actually building their first project in your tool.

Host live workshops

Host a live workshop to help people in the community learn your tool once every quarter.

Add a team member to Slack

Add one of your team to our exclusive Slack community so that they can hang out with potential users, answer any tool related questions and share useful resources/tips for learning your tool.

1-1 No-Code Strategy call

Understand the challenges that no-coders face more deeply and the gaps/opportunities that exist in the space. We will also record a review of your website to provide feedback on pricing, positioning, copy and how this can be improved from the insights we have gathered. And lastly, we can give you a perspective on 'what people are saying' in the space about your product.

Our demo day sponsor

As an official partner you will receive all associated sponsorship benefits for our quarterly demo day series including pre, during and post event shoutouts to raise brand awareness for your tool. These events attract between 50-100 live attendees.

Social media shoutouts

We will announce our partnership through our social channels and newsletter and spotlight your tool in our member newsletter.

Co-designing this with you

We want this partnership to work for both of us, so if there is any other ideas beyond the above points that you'd like to discuss, we're very happy to!

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