About us

100DaysOfNoCode is an accessible online learning community that transforms non-techies into no-code developers able to create software of their own without writing a single line of code. We do this by providing a unique mix of structure, inspiration, content, personalised support and accountability to our members.

What this adds up to is a momentum driven learning experience, one that rewards tiny everyday gains with remarkable results. And by this we mean, you'll be able to solve your own, your communities and the world's problems through the power of no-code.


hours of no-code learning facilitated


no-code projects created and launched


collaborations and connections formed

Our story

We started as a challenge on Twitter. In the midst of a UK wide lockdown, our Founder Max wanted to learn how to no-code. To keep himself accountable and as a means to learn everyday, he announced his commitment to doing at least 30 minutes of no-code learning a day for 100 days on 5th March 2020; and there #100DaysOfNoCode was born.

As each day went by, Max saw more people joining the challenge, more cool no-code projects being made and collaborations happening between fellow learners. That's when the light switched and Max began to build and grow 100DaysOfNoCode as a community. 

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Our Mission

Only 0.3% of the world’s population can code.

This is because learning to code is expensive, time consuming and an increasingly complex skill to learn, making software development inaccessible and and we think that’s a problem.


Because only the resource rich can learn it, leaving the privileged few creating for the underrepresented many. For example, 80% of software created globally today is made by men, 70% of whom are white.

This means that the life experiences and ideas of some of the least represented groups in tech including women and BAME communities, are absent from the digital spaces that shape our everyday lives.

This also means only a tiny minority of people can solve problems and create. Imagine if only 1 in every 400 people knew how to write. Think how many world changing ideas would never have seen the light of day.

That's why 100DaysOfNoCode is on a mission to democratise software development by helping people learn to no-code in an accessible way and in turn unleash the first generation citizen developers.

The Team

Meet the team, who make you 1% better everyday


No-code maker turned community builder. Obsessed with connecting people and empowering the next generation of citizen developers


Brand strategist, content creator, writer and no-code maker. Feels like he ships a new no-code project everyday. That's how prolific he is


Social innovation consultant, designer and writer. A super connector of ideas, people, organisations and systems for good


Coder, no-coder, community builder and all round creative. One of the most productive people you will meet


Product evangelist, writer and serial no-code maker. Master of consistency, fueled by his intricate understanding and innate love of habit building


Creative technologist, internet curator, community builder and no-code maker. King of analogies, GIF making and infusing imagination into everything