Marc's lessons from 100DaysOfNoCode

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In this blog post, Marc Fletcher shares his story from the 100DaysOfNoCode challenge...

How it all started

I started the #100DaysOfNoCode challenge after listening to a podcast where Max Haining was promoting the launch. I'd also recently heard Michael Gill talk about his Maker Minion book which I was so impressed by. I've previously attempted to code but repeatedly abandoned my learning when faced with the sheer enormity and difficulty of mastering multiple languages. Of course, nocode is not a new concept but there seems to be a tangible traction in the community instigated by the quantity of new tools along with desire and the realisation that sophisticated products and services can be produced without having years of coding experience and qualifications.

What I learnt
In completing the #100DaysOfNoCode challenge, I've learnt a good deal about the capabilities of major tools and how they can work together. I've also built a prototype app for an idea I want to bring to market and I've been able to integrate my learning into my work where I intend to further develop these new skills.

As part of the challenge, I built an Airtable base to record my daily progress and used Integromat to automate publishing it to Twitter each day. This was a useful project in terms of learning new skills as well as realising the benefits of nocode software.

Advice for newbies

Daily learning for a fixed period of time is not something I'm used to. However, I've found that the habit has remained and I'm automatically gravitating to a nocode project whenever practical. Having an idea for an app was useful for me to discover new tools and their limitations. Every new tool was explored with the view to building my idea and understanding if the features I wanted were achievable. If I hadn't have had an idea, I suspect I would have found learning new tools more challenging because my app idea allowed me to have a purpose for using a tool.

After completing the challenge I have revisited learning Javascript again and have been able to integrate a few small scripts into my nocode projects with great satisfaction.

If this inspired you, commit to starting your own #100DaysOfNoCode here 👋

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