The No-Code Beginner's Course

Learn how to start your no-code learning journey in the best possible way with a proven methodology.

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Learning to no-code isn't as easy as they say it is

Although no-code is super exciting, it can be hard to learn. Here are a few reasons why... ❌ So many tools to pick from ❌ No best approach to follow ❌ Lack of project inspiration ❌ Tricky technical jargon/concepts ❌ Can't find help when you need it

Don't fall into the same trap others have

If you make the same mistakes others have, you'll get the same outcomes... ❌ Struggle to leverage no-code to it's fullest ❌ Waste unnecessary time ❌ Lose interest and fall behind

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Start your no-code learning journey the right way

Over the last year, we've helped hundreds of no-code beginners get started as part of 100DaysOfNoCode and have seen first hand what works and what doesn't when getting started. That's why we're now amassing our insights, tips, tricks, knowledge and evidence backed methodology into a single lifetime access course to give you the best possible start in no-code. 

What you'll learn

A framework for no-code learning

We guide you through an evidence backed no-code learning formula.

The fundamentals of no-code building

We'll teach you the basics of UI, UX, database design, API's + workflows.

How to pick the best tools to learn + build with

We put an end to decision paralysis by breaking down the process for you.

How to build 3 no-code projects

We make sure your inputs have outputs through applied learning on real world projects.


*£1500+ no-code tool deals

We give you net savings, so you can focus on building, not spending.

500+ learning resources

We've handpicked the best no-code learning resources, so you don't have to.

Live chat support

We're here to answer any Q's you have as you go through this course.

10X the speed and impact of your no-code learning

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    No-code is a set of tools that allow you to create websites, apps and software all without writing a single line of code. The bottom line is, anyone can now build their ideas because no-code has democratised software creation. Just as phones gave rise to citizen journalists, we’re now seeing the dawn of citizen developers, where people from completely non-technical backgrounds can create software. We think this is pretty cool and exciting!

    That's great! All pro members of 100DaysOfNoCode get access to this course as part of the membership. So, if you join the 100DaysOfNoCode pro membership, you will get access to the course on the 20/21st March

    You are someone that: 👍 Wants to learn how to no-code 👍 Has many project ideas in mind but isn't able to bring them to life. 👍 Is just starting out in no-code or wants to level up their existing skills 👍 Is struggling to make progress on their no-code learning journey so far 👍 Needs structure to give momentum to their learning 👍 Needs inspiration for projects to work on to apply their learning 👍 Wants an accessible entrance to no-code that assumes no prior knowledge 👍 Is stuck trying to choose what no-code tool to learn and build with 👍 Wants to build their first no-code projects

    Of course. If you feel like the this course hasn't provided you with any value, let us know within the first 30 days of purchase and we'll give you a full refund. We're passionate about making products people find value in, but ultimately we want you to use it and be happy! The only thing we ask is that you let us know how this course can be improved.

    This course will be released on the 10th March. However, if you want to get your hands on the course sooner, it will be made available to 100DaysOfNoCode pro members on the 20th March.

    To ensure that the £1500+ no-code tool deals are part of your course package, please share the pre-populated tweet that'll be generated straight after you've finished checkout. The tool discounts included here include: - Bubble - Airtable - Softr - Dorik - Pory - Voiceflow - Tally forms - And more

    The 100DaysOfNoCode challenge is a great way to supercharge your no-code learning by building an everyday no-code learning habit. The challenge has three basic rules: 1. Do at least 30 mins of no-code learning a day for 100 days 2. Post a daily progress update on Twitter detailing your learning's using the hashtag #100DaysOfNoCode 3. Support others doing the challenge by dropping them a like, a 'keep going' or sending any useful learning tips or resources there way.

    This course is intentionally tool agnostic, as we believe it is important for beginners to understand cross cutting principles that'll apply across any tool in the no-code landscape. However, we do create 3 no-code projects, so you will learn some no-code tools through this course aswell. These include Airtable, Softr, Whimsical and Notion. We have also curated the best no-code learning resources for each of the best no-code tools, for you to use once you have completed the course, as part of the no-code learning sprint framework that we provide.

    There is just over 7 hours of content provided in this course, so depending on how much time you can dedicate to learning each day, it could take to between a week or two weeks to finish.

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