Bring your ideas to life in 100 days. No coding required.

100DaysOfNoCode is an online community connecting you with the people, content and habit fueled system to build great things. ✅ Build your dream products ✅ Make lifelong friends + collaborators ✅ Diversify your income

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"100DaysOfNoCode is the best way to get started with no-code. The support of this community and taking one small step a day makes it easy for your no-code skillset to expand rapidly".

Kieran Ball
Co-Founder & CEO

"Without 100DaysOfNoCode I would have never started the journey of building apps for social change. This community is very empowering. Without it, my journey would be very challenging".

Crystal Witter
Social Entrepreneur

"I've been working my whole grownup life to find this type of community. It's given me the space to be vulnerable as a solo-founder and the support to build my first actual product".

Kelly Claus
Designer and Entrepreneur

Applications now open for our 3rd No-Code MVP Bootcamp

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Make your ideas a reality with the best no-code education

Tech can be scary, so we make sure you have a safe space to learn. We assume no prior knowledge, help you create more than you consume, and acknowledge that no-code is only one piece in the puzzle to building great things.

Beginner's Course

Everything you need to get from 0 to 1 in no-code, fast.

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Weekly Workshops

From tool deep dives to user research, equip yourself with the technical and strategic skillset to build your ideas and acquire early users.

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Learning lab

Use our members portal to explore specific tools or topics more deeply.

Our awesome features
Member-led events

Feed your growth mindset by learning from others in the community on topics like Tik Tok, podcasting, design and more.

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Launch more with a community that cares, behind you

Learning and building great things alone is hard. That's why you'll be surrounded by a tribe of likeminded entrepreneurs, makers and doers to inspire, hold you accountable and be there every step of the way.

Intimate Slack group

A space for you to get help when you need it, connect with likeminded learners and celebrate small or big wins.

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Weekly Masterminds

Share your progress, get feedback and push through any blockers with the help of your fellow learners.

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1-1 Virtual Coffees

Compare learning notes, get inspired and build deep connections with different members every week

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Demo Days

Source feedback and early signups by soft launching your business ideas at our quarterly demo days.

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Maintain momentum with a system that makes you 1% better at no-code everyday

Follow a simple, yet powerful formula to learn and build with no-code, fast.

1. Publicly Commit

❌ Goals are just dreams if they only exist in your head. ✅ Stop dreaming and start doing, by publicly committing to 100DaysOfNoCode. ✅ Feel the power of public accountability behind you.

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2. Learn for 30 mins everyday

❌ Willpower only lasts so long ❌ Learning in fits and bursts is unsustainable ✅ Learn consistently in bitesized chunks to fit around your busy schedule ✅ Watch your daily progress compound

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3. Share your learning

❌ Learning in private optimises for consumption over creation ✅ Find your authentic online voice by learning and building in public ✅ Reinforce your learning by teaching others ✅ Create your own knowledge garden to reference anytime ✅ Build confidence in sharing your work ✅ Elevate your projects with feedback from others as you share

Our awesome features

Watch your small steps turn into giant leaps

What some of our alumni are doing now...

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Build businesses, lifelong skills and friendships in the next 100 days


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What members are building and launching

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497 solo-entrepreneurs have built and launched their ideas through 100DaysOfNoCode

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Frequently Asked Questions

No-code is a set of tools that allow you to create websites, apps and software all without writing a single line of code.

The 100DaysOfNoCode challenge is a system to supercharge your no-code learning by building an everyday no-code learning habit. The challenge has three basic rules: 1. Publicly commit to taking #100DaysOfNoCode 2. Do at least 30 mins of no-code learning a day for 100 days 3. Post a daily progress update on Twitter detailing your learning's using the hashtag #100DaysOfNoCode

Firstly, celebrate! It's a huge achievement getting to the big 100. But, the 100 days is just a nice round number used to help your learning compound day after day, so don’t see the big ‘100’ as a ceiling but rather a mechanism to promote continuous, everyday learning. Even if our members don't do a round two of the 100 days (many do in fact!), they stay part of the community to continue building great products.

You are someone that: 👍 Wants to learn how to no-code 👍 Has many project ideas in mind but isn't able to bring them to life. 👍 Wants to learn from and connect with other like-minded learners and creators 👍 Is just starting out in no-code or wants to level up their existing skills 👍 Are committed to engaging with and being an active member of the community. 👍 Needs a feedback loop and audience for all the ideas they have and are working on 👍 Needs a momentum driven learning experience, so that they don't lose interest or motivation in learning to no-code

No probs. Of course, it's ideal to finish the challenge and do it within 100 days. And we will help you do this. But, we know that life happens and sometimes it's not possible, and that's fine. The community is always here, ready to pick you up.

As many as you please! Some members work in weekly sprints that each finish with one no-code project and others build less but spend more time on each one. But by the end of your 100 days you'll have built a minimum of 3 no-code projects.

You will learn a variety of tools from Airtable, Webflow, Bubble, Zapier and more. You'll also be able to dive deeper into those you're most interested in or that fit your specific idea. Most tools have free plans that you can build a lot with. For those that require paid plans, you'll be able to make use of our £1500+ no-code tool discounts if you're on our Pro Member plan.

One of the benefits of no-code, is that you can learn it and build cool things with it, far quicker than coding. Of course, the learning curve is different for each tool, but you will be an expert in 100 days.

No, you can start whenever works for you.

Yes! Everyone has to start somewhere, so we welcome all skill levels into the community, whether you haven't touched a no-code tool or you're a no-code freelancer. Plus, if you're on a Pro Member plan, you get access to our beginner's course.

At least 30 mins everyday for 100 days.

Of course. If you feel like the membership to 100DaysOfNoCode hasn't provided you with any value, let us know within the first 30 days of purchase and we'll give you a full refund. We're passionate about making products people find value in and believe our community is packed full of value, but ultimately we want you to use it and be happy! The only thing we ask is that you let us know how this membership can be improved.

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100 days in exchange for a lifetime of opportunity

Build businesses, lifelong skills and friendships in the next 100 days