Recapping the 2nd 100DaysOfNoCode Demo Day


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On Thursday 3rd December, we hosted our second demo day; an event for members of the 100DaysOfNoCode community to showcase, soft launch and get feedback on their no-code projects. For those that couldn't make it, we wanted to give you a quick roundup...


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Metix 🗣️

Maker: Sam Tefera
Project: Metix is an online platform that allows you to debate constructively on the issues you care most about. 
Tools used: Bubble, Airtable, Wix


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Today 🏁

Maker: Marta Serrano
Project: Today is an app that helps you focus on what matters in the here and now, not next week or next year but today!
Tools used: Bravo Studio, Webflow, Firebase, Airtable


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Business in a Box 🥘 

Maker: Doc Williams
Project: Business in a Box is a 'recipe' kit to help you build and validate your next business idea.
Tools used: Notion


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Retea Cajamarca 🚶‍♀️ 

Maker: Pablo Jiménez
Project: Rutea Cajamarca is a walking discovery and planning app.
Tools used: Adalo


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Collecting Dots ✍️ 

Maker: Ross Power
Project: Collecting Dots is a newsletter and blog providing mindful ambition for restless achievers.
Tools used: Webflow


Watch it all back 👇


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Until next time 👋

We hope you enjoyed that whistle stop tour of our 2nd demo day. If you have a no-code project in the works that you'd like to launch at our next demo day, become a pro member of our community, and you can! The next demo day will be on 4th March! Register to join us here.


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